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Package #1...Save $70 on the
Perfect Starter Package

Our Best Violin Under $200 - The Gia Rosana ($199 value)
Brazil wood Violin Bow ($39 value)
Muco Shoulder Rest ($15 value)

That's over a 
$250 value...

we are offering this for just $179 through September 19th.

Package #2...Save $400 on the
Perfect Beginner Violin Package

Our Best Beginner Violin - The Vitale ($1,000 value)
An Upgraded High-Quality Case - The Kauffman ($139 value)
Brazil wood Violin Bow ($39 value)

That's over a $1,150 value...
we are offering this for just $749 through September 19th.

With this discount...$25/month with financing after a 30-day trial.

Package #3...Save $750 on the
Perfect Intermediate Violin Package

Our Best Intermediate Violin - The Tia Bruna ($2,000 value)
An Upgraded High-Quality Case - The Kauffman ($139 value)
Brazil wood Violin Bow ($39 value)

That's over a $2,150 value...
we are offering this for just $1,399 through September 19th.

With this discount...only $49/month with financing after a 30-day trial.

Package #4...Save $1,000 on the
Perfect Premium Violin Package

Our Most Popular Premium Violin -  The Damiano ($3,000 value)
A High-Quality Wood Case - ($349 value)
Brazil wood bow ($39 value)

That's over a $3,500 value...
we are offering this for just $2,399 through September 19th.

With this discount...only $72/month with financing after a 30-day trial.

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Compare our 4 violins on sale

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